Stereo Slideshow

stack of stereo slidesPKG is showing stereo slides at our next meeting. The slide are from travels around the US and the world. Thanks to Delores for sharing. April 23 in the Community Room inside Festival Foods. Meeting starts at 6:30pm, slideshow around 7:15pm. There is limited seating.





Copyright & Your Rights – Free Webinar

In this webinar, PhotoShelter’s co-founder Allen Murabayashi will chat with Jack and Ed to debunk many of the myths about copyright that have spread among the creative community throughout the years. They’ll present the facts, plain and simple. Tune in to get easy-to-digest advice on what you need to know to survive and thrive as a photographer in today’s digital world.  (Update: Photoshelter has a recorded copy here)

For more information on the topics and to register click here.



February is Photo ID month. New headshots are needed for the ID and the updated Member Phonebook. A side effect will be a quick discussion of lighting and the set-up being used. It will not be the tinker tube butterfly like last time.


Challenge Winners

Our Next Meeting

Time: 6:30 P.M.
Date: May 28th, 2015
Location: Festival Foods 3207 80th Street

Photo Challenge: Flowers